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100+ Butterfly Nails | Classy Nails | 2021

New Classy Butterfly Nails on Trending:

Blue Butterfly Nails:

One of the finest fads you’ll ever attempt is blue paint with butterfly nail stickers. This colour is connected with tranquilly and serenity, and it looks good on all skin tones and fingernails of varying shapes and lengths. It also looks wonderful with silver or blue butterflies and glitter nail polish.

butterfly nails


Blue Clouds and Butterflies Nails:

The fact that there are so many various methods to test out the butterfly nail trend is one of the best things about it. You can experiment with different colours and effects, such as multicoloured butterflies on a dreamy blue background. You can use a nail wrap and then apply the fluttering insect stickers, or create a wispy cloud appearance by painting a blue background with nail lacquer and dabbing on little white dots.

butterfly nails


Pink Butterfly Nails:

The beauty of the pink butterfly nails is that you can be as creative as you want with it. The butterfly doesn’t have to be on just one nail; it may be on all of them or just a few. You may choose which fingers to highlight and how dramatic you want it to be.

butterfly nails


Butterfly Purple Nails:

The colour looks fantastic on fair-skinned women who want a splash of colour but are tired of traditional pink nail lacquers. You can experiment with numerous approaches to make your design more unique.

butterfly nails


Red Butterfly Nails:

Red is one of those hues that command attention. The vibrant colour is a go-to for nail art and makes a great base for butterfly stickers and decals. The intense colour is frequently associated with romance and love, and it will grab attention to your hands right away. As a result, it’s important to keep your nails well-buffed and your polish from chipping, as this will detract from the look’s elegance.

butterfly nails


Butterfly Nails with Different Colors:

You can use different polishes or choose from a variety of butterfly nails designs to paint your fingertips. Pink, purple, and blue are examples of this. You can also experiment with the sizes, using smaller stickers on some and larger ones on others, to create unique proportions and a more enjoyable overall aesthetic.

butterfly nails


Yellow Butterfly Nails:

No other colour has the ability to make you feel as happy as yellow does. It’s a colour that conjures up feelings of happiness, warmth, and joy. It’s also a cheerful colour that puts a grin to our faces. You must attempt this trend of pairing this dazzling hue with matching butterfly nail stickers!



Nail Tips with Butterfly Design:

You don’t have to use butterfly stickers to cover your entire nail or be an expert to paint gorgeous wings. Instead, consider an updated French manicure that focuses solely on painting or wrapping the tips of your nails.

butterfly nails


Black Butterfly Nails:

Several people find all-black nail lacquer to be overly harsh and vampy. As a result, the black butterfly stickers add a more feminine and fun touch. Black is a hue that is linked with strength and sophistication, and it goes with everything, so your nail art won’t limit your wardrobe options.

butterfly nails


Butterfly Holographic Nails:

Holographic butterfly nail art is one of the best ways to make your fingers sparkle in the sunlight. Holographic nails reflect light beautifully and can make a simple butterfly wing look much more beautiful. It’s also a great method to have a good time with your nail art.

butterfly nails


Toe Butterfly Nails:

On the toes, this trend is equally as cute! Butterfly nail stickers come in a variety of colours and may be used in a variety of ways, but the key is to keep it simple. You don’t want anything too ornate or with 3D designs because they’re inconvenient.

butterfly nails

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