80+ Trending Luxury Nails | Classy Nails | 2021

80+ Trending Luxury Nails | Classy Nails | 2021

80+ Trending Luxury Nails | Classy Nails | 2021

Classy Luxury Nails Art:

Silver+Black Outline Nails:

Outline nails are a stylish take on the classic French manicure. Nails with black and silver outline are popular this season. The design is simple yet classy, and it’s ideal for those with a minimalist sense of taste who desire a classic yet adventurous manicure.

luxury nails

Branded Luxury Nails:

A branded premium manicure is the perfect co-ordinating accessory. Combine your favourite fashion house’s iconic patterns, colours, and emblems into a single look.

luxury nails

Luxury Colorful Nails:

To offset the winter’s cold and darkness, go for a strong, brilliantly coloured manicure. If you live in the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, a summer cocktail of lovely hues on your fingertips is appropriate.

colorful nails

Festive Luxury Nails:

Add decorative accents to vibrant festive season colours like crimson and emerald. One common option is mixed glitter in contrasting tones of black and silver.

Luxury Nails with Jeweled:

Faux gems are the ideal glitzy complement to your manicure, catching the light brilliantly and sure to get you a lot of praises. Have your nail technician apply the jewels over a nude or white foundation for the greatest results, since this will enhance light reflection and reduce dullness.

Ombre Coffin Luxury Nails:

Ombre coffin luxury nails are popular for weddings and other special occasions because of their delicate and attractive appearance. The sumptuous manicure is versatile and classy, and it works for any occasion, from work drinks to a family meal or romantic night. Furthermore, they will go with any colour scheme you choose. These nails show that you don’t need to use glitter to boost your manicure.


Metallic Luxury Nails:

These nails have a wonderful glittering shine and appear to have been dipped in gold or silver. Add sequins or small gems for added opulence. These added pieces give your manicure a 3D texture that looks great both in photos and in person.

Royal Nails:

This season, royal nails are the way to go if you want to feel like a queen. The manicure, also known as cameo nails, is inspired by the Victorian era and transforms each fingertip into a work of beauty. Add a beaded or jewelled border for a more opulent look.

Gold Flakes Luxury Nails:

Try a gradient glitter finish across a matte black base coat for a fresh take on the classic. The combination is classy with enough sparkle to make it special, and it’s perfect for parties or a glamorous evening out. Try a gradient glitter effect over a matte black base coat for a modern touch. The combination is classy with enough sparkle to make it special and ideal for gatherings or a spectacular evening out.


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