Long Elegant Nails



Long Elegant Nails:

As much as i really like really cool, trendy nails, you’ll simply never fail with an aesthetic manicure. Elegant nails will always be in.  I find that the majority classy manicure looks aren’t too extreme. They’re subtle and delicate, but the nails can still have some really gorgeous designs. I even have never covered straight up  elegant nails!


long elegant nails

Classy or elegant nails are my go-to when I’m unsure what i would like, so I simply had to write down this post. Today I’m compiling my favorite classy nails and manicure looks for this year! These nails are all super trendy but are classic enough to try to for a black tie wedding.

Aqua Elegant Nails:

For those that love soft colors, this aqua manicure may be a stylish option for each occasion. With a somewhat retro feel and a contemporary twist, you’ll add a series of diamantes to the middle of the nail. To form the sparkles stand out more, choose shades like yellow, gold or orange. It’s a superb choice if you’re keen on keeping it minimal with a female touch.

Aqua Elegant Nails


Classy Nails

Floral Elegant Nails Design:

Take the garden with you everywhere you accompany this delicate floral design. The tiny and delicate flowers on the sting of the manicure are an incredible option for each day at the park, picnic, or a spring date. Paint the background of your nails a soft pink hue, or maybe a light-weight blue or gold – let the flora stand out from the remainder of the space on your manicure.

floral nails


Glitter Elegant Nails:

Get ready for an evening of partying with these polished twinkling nails. Sparkling because it catches the sunshine, this is often a classic manicure that appears traditional with a subtle twist. A bit like the French style, paint the tip of the fingernail in an alternate shade, during this case, with glitter. Choose between gold, silver or maybe white – boast your true shine with this gorgeous design!

Glitter Elegant Nails


Long Fake Nails

Hearts Nails:

Whether you’re going for a romantic Valentine’s Day date otherwise you love this beautiful design. Swap out the white shade at the tip for cerise, and let the color hit the center of the nail bed. It works best with an almond nail shape, because it gives the looks of a heart on your fingers. Watch as you add a touch of additional like to everything you touch with these beautiful designs!

Hearts Nails


Pearl Elegant Nails:

Pearls aren’t only for jewelry; they also bring beautiful manicures. Align the tiny jewels in two lines down your nail, which instantly makes them appear longer. You’ll add them to one finger or place them across your entire hand – there are not any rules with this one. It’s an addition to a clean and straightforward manicure, and it elevates your look, regardless of where you’re going.

Pearl Elegant Nails


Stripes Elegant Nails:

Take your manicure to subsequent level with this striped design. Although it’s simplistic, it offers a trendy alternative to classic nail polish. With a thick and thin line placed under one another, it gives the looks of longer nails with a designer flair. If Gucci inspires you, choose shades like cerise, green, or dark blue. Choose a nude shade for the bottom coat, which makes the other hues stand out more.

Stripes Elegant Nails

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