Essie Nail polish|Beautiful nail polish design|2022-2023

Essie nails polish

Essie nails polish boasts a long wearing time and especially for shiny nails.

Essie has always been massive for contemporary shades and ranges with lasting power and an unforgettable side of colours that have won the hearts of all nail artists.

essie nail polish

Essie nail polish brush uses under 45 degrees so it can’t be streaked with nails. Hold the brush at the top of the underside of the nails and gently push down and swipe down.

essie nail polish

Using Essie nail polish |Essie Nails

1-First clean your nails with nail polish remover and apply a small amount on your nails.

2-Apply the top layer of especially platinum class gel couture to the manicure. these seals provide an instant gel shine on the nails.

essie nail polish

Essie defines 8-free as it contains eight ingredients:

Formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, hyltosylamide, xylene and triphenyl.

essie nail polish

cuticle care  by using Essie polish

every obsessive knows the absolute holy grail for all nail types is apricot cuticle oil, which instantly nourishes and hydrates nourished cuticles and strengthened nails. remember: whether normal, ridged, dry or weak, all nails deserve love and polish. obsessed with ours!

essie nail polish


Remove old nail enamel to make a neat nails and even manicure by using essie nail polish

you want to first remove all the old nail polish. Acetone nail enamel removers dry-out nails and cuticles. If possible, use non-acetone nail enamel remover instead of acetone nail polish remover. Place a cotton swab or shock the opening of the nail polish remover. ensure it completely covers the opening of the bottle. Turn the bottle the wrong way up and wait a few seconds for the cotton swab or ball to absorb the remover. Rub a saturated plant disease or cotton ball over your nails to remove the polish. Re-saturate the cotton swab or ball as required Trim, file and smooth nails.

After removing the old nail enamel, spend a while cutting, shaping and polishing your nails. Find nail clippers, sandpaper, and a fine buffer. If necessary, use scissors to chop the nails. Smooth the sides of the nails with a nail file.  Run a rather abrasive buffer over each nail to even out the nail surface.

soak your hands in warm water.

Once your nails are cut, shaped and polished, take a moment to rest and pamper yourself. Take a bowl and fill it with warm water and spray a mild facial cleanser. Use a gentle body scrub to exfoliate your hands before you get them wet. Soak your hands in warm, soapy water to remove the body scrub. Soak your hands for three minutes. Remove your hands from the sink and dry them on a clean towel.After wetting your hands, your cuticles will be soft and easier to push back.

Push the cuticle.

Don’t do it if it starts to really hurt because it could cause bleeding. It may hurt a bit when you do it if you haven’t done it in a while. Cuticles are part of your skin. It protects your nail matrix, the part of the nail that grows, from infection. Cutting the cuticle leaves the nail matrix open to infection. It can also cause nail deformities such as ridges and discoloration. Instead of cutting the cuticles, push them back to give your nail an oval look. It also makes it easy to create a neat line of gloss. Using a cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticle back to the nail bed. Press also on the sides of the cuticle. Remove any dry or damaged skin. Repeat on the rest of the nails.


Moisturize the cuticle and skin.

After exfoliating your hands, it is important to rehydrate and moisturize the delicate skin. Choose a thick and luxurious hand cream or lotion. Massage this cream or lotion into your palms. Or apply some almond oil (usually comes in a pen or nail polish container) or some clearly labeled cuticle oil and apply to the cuticle. This will hydrate them and deal with the remaining white dead skin properly.

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