30+ Gray Hair Mens Hairstyles | Classy Nails | 2021

30+ Gray Hair Mens Hairstyles | Classy Nails | 2021

30+ Gray Hair Mens Hairstyles | Classy Nails | 2021

Classy Men Hair Style hepls you for Gray Hair Mens Hairstyles


A pompadour can make a superb choice for grey-haired gents. If you are doing try a pompadour, consider adding texture to stay the design from appearing too serious or old-fashioned.

Short Waves:

If you’ve got naturally wavy hair, try embracing those kinks and curls rather than combing them out. By choosing a brief cut that’s just long enough for a wave or two, you’ll be ready to create an excellent cool style that appears great on grey strands. The advantage of this cut is that it appears neat and polished while maintaining a up to date aesthetic.

gray hair mens hairstyles

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These ultra-cool grey dreadlocks radiate confidence. Perfect for gents who want to transition to grey without abandoning their rope-like locks, this look proves that the design can suit all ages. The design also pairs nicely with a beard and a relaxed suit for an overall style that’s filled with both swagger and class.

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Medium Length Hairstyle:

Don’t think that simply because you’ve got grey hair that you simply need a brief haircut for a trendy look. A medium length haircut also can appear cool, especially when rocked confidently. you’ve got fine hair, you’ll still wear this look, as long as you’ve got texture. When donning this hairstyle, you ought to also consider adding some facial hair to the equation. A touch little bit of stubble or a brief beard will look great when paired with slightly longer locks.

gray hair mens hairstyles


The trick to creating grey hair appear youthful is to partner it with an on-trend cut. A quiff is one such fashionable hairstyle and can guarantee that your grey hair doesn’t cause you to appear as if a grandpa.


When cut right, grey hair can appear edgy and awesome. While there are a couple of styles which will achieve this outcome, an undercut is that the best. This incredibly popular haircut features short, shaved sides and back and a top that’s left long. The result’s a seriously cool cut that you simply can wear in some ways. Choose from styles, like a slicked back look or pompadour, for your undercut to realize an excellent modern and masculine ‘do.

Some New Styles for Gray Hair Mens Hairstyles:

gray hair mens hairstyles

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