6 Best Makeup Transformation Market Trends We’re Anticipating for 2021

6 Best Makeup Transformation Market Trends We’re Anticipating for 2021

6 Best Makeup Transformation Market Trends We’re Anticipating for 2021

Makeup Transformation Looks:

The eyes are the window to the beauty product and makeup transformation trends of 2021, as the old adage goes. Okay, we may have used some artistic license there, but the reality remains that the epidemic continues to have an impact on many facets of our life, including the makeup transformation we use on a daily basis.
While our lips and cheeks are hidden beneath masks when we’re out and about, several of our favorite pre-COVID-19 products are going unused, while our eye makeup has never felt more welcomed — especially those brilliant, sparkly hues we usually avoid in favor of strong lipstick and sculpted cheeks. “These times have given people the opportunity to experiment with makeup transformation and step beyond of their comfort zones, because why not?” Rommy Najor, a makeup artist based in New York City, tells Allure. Boredpanda

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Beauty firms are taking notice as they prepare their 2021 launches, and we, as professional makeup artists, got an early peak at some of them and observed some big cosmetics product trends. Here’s what you might expect to stock up on and experiment with in 2021.

1. Makeup transformation

Makeup transformation

Wearing masks and staying put has made us less enamored of full-coverage foundations and more interested in letting our natural skin texture shine. “We’ll see a shift away from contouring and complexion products,” says Vincent Oquendo, a makeup artist who has worked with Naomi Osaka, Jurnee Smollett, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Dewy skin hues are rising to the occasion as we focus more on our skin-care practices as a form of self-care. They’re like the tinted moisturizers and BB creams of 2021. They’re the ultimate bridge between skin care and complexion products that we’ll be looking for in the New Year, according to Oquendo, because of their luminous, barely-there finish, water-like texture, and nourishing components.

2. Brighter Eyeliners Makeup Transformation

The L’Oréal Paris Skin Paradise Tinted Moisturizer and Revlon ColorStay Light Cover Foundation have recently launched, but there are a few more dewy skin tints in the works from other drugstore (and premium) brands that we can’t share just yet. Prepare to get your hands on one inspired by a liquid highlighter and a reimagined, refillable version of a popular clean foundation.

Brighter Eyeliners Makeup Transformation

According to British cosmetic expert Mona Leanne, the shade ranges of eyeliners have slowly but steadily become more unorthodox and will help in makeup transformation, deviating away from typical brown and black, but the adventurousness will pick up in 2021. She continues, “I’m delighted to switch up my regular black feline flick for something a little bit cooler.”
Not only will eyeliner tints get more vibrant, but the formulas will also become more long-lasting, according to Oquendo. “We’re out on the streets, honey,” he continues, “so products ought to wear better.” “We can’t touch up our cosmetics since we’re not supposed to touch our faces,” says the narrator. More formulas like the brand-new Be a 10 Be Magnetic Eyeliner are on the way.

3. Embellishments Makeup Transformation

Embellishments Makeup Transformation

Despite their daunting appearance, Oquendo claims that embellishments, like as jewels, are the easiest way to go all out with your eye makeup in 2021. All you have to do now is glue everything together and go. He expects that we’ll see a lot more types of appliqués, including basic stamps, while Quynh mentions foils.
Face Lace’s complex sticker offers are the perfect introduction to this trend and will help in makeup transformation, and we expect the firm to introduce even more gorgeous options in the next year.

4. Cleaner Mascaras Makeup Transformation

Cleaner Mascaras Makeup Transformation

Gentler mascaras are another eye cosmetic breakthrough that Oquendo forecasts. Several recipes using all-natural but effective pigments are in the works. The Cover Girl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara (makeup transformation) was also just released, which is free of irritants like parabens, sulphates, talc, and mineral oil. More clean mascara alternatives, like this one, are on the way, trust us. Meanwhile, Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara (a 2020 Readers’ Choice Award winner), Kosas the Big Clean Volumizing + Lash Care Mascara, and W3LL People Expressionist Volumizing Mascara (a 2020 Best of Beauty Award winner) are all worth a look.

5. Multi-Chromatic Eye Shadows Makeup Transformation

Multi-Chromatic Eye Shadows

Pat McGrath Labs added Extraterrestrial to the Divine Rose II palette in 2020, expanding the realm of glittering, prismatic shadows. You can create an amazingly mesmerising (and foolproof) effect with only one stroke from just one pan. Several beauty brands are following suit, providing us with even more options for wearing bold eye makeup on our next Zoom call or supermarket run. The Danessa Myricks Beauty Twin Flames and Ciaté London’s Shadow Flip are two new multi-chromatic shadows we’re eyeing for 2021.
Najor likes to use a single shimmering tone all over the lid and fade it up toward the brow bone. The hypnotizing hues of Colette Beauty’s Crystal Cream Shadows are currently his favorite product.

6. More Accessible Lipsticks Makeup

By now, we should all be aware that one nude lipstick color does not fit everyone. So that no one is left out, beauty manufacturers are finally taking notice and releasing their most expansive palettes of neutral hues yet in 2021 for makeup transformation.
The same may be said for red lipstick. Pound cake Cosmetics is demonstrating this in January 2021 with five red lipsticks that suit every lip tone. Lip tone, not skin tone, to be precise. You’ll be able to choose a traditional candy-apple red liquid lipstick based on the color of your lips, ensuring that the pigment blend fits your complexion flawless.
Wearing red lipstick may not appear to be the most practical decision for 2021, but “you can wear your favorite vivid lip color only for yourself,” says the designer “Barose serves as a reminder. “It’s a quick pick-me-up.”


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