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With so many nails polish options on the market, it pays to have a good knowledge of not only the types of polish but also the different types of nail polish finishes. The finish can affect how the polish will work for you, including what fashions it will go with and what occasions it will be best suited for. Read on from our guide to different nail polish finishes below.

 Crème Nail Finishing

Cream nail polish is one of the most common types that is used. These finishes are known for leaving a glossy finish. They usually require one to two coats.

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The creams are white-based, firm, opaque and have various shades. This gives the nail colour a simple yet clean look.

Gel Nail Finishing

If you want to get a quality nail polish with a unique finish that looks wet, you’ll want to try jelly. This polish gets its look thanks to translucency with a hint of colour. The almost candy look is a great choice if you want extremely shiny and colourful nails.

nail polish finishes

Gel polish lasts at least 2-3 weeks, while regular polish lasts even a week without peeling. With light wear, your gel nails will last at least twice as long as regular nail polish, but realistically they will last four to six times longer than a standard manicure.

 Matte Nail Finishing

Matte nail polishes always have a solid surface without any shine. If you don’t want any shine on your nails, but still want bold colour, try this polish. You will need to try to apply it in an even manner, as matte varnish tends to dry quickly.


nail polish finishes

Most nail polishes on the market have a glossy or pearl finish, but matte polishes tend to dry very smooth and flat. Matte nail polish comes in all colours, but the most popular shades are usually darker.


Glitter Nail Finishing

Create a dazzling look for a special event with glitter nail polish. This polish contains a large amount of cosmetic glitter in a clear or tinted base. Shake the polish well before opening the bottle to allow the glitter to settle. Top with a heavy coat of gloss for the ultimate glossy, sparkling finish.

nail polish finishes

Apply a thin layer of gel polish to your first nail. Dab it on gently with a fan brush, then blow off any excess glitter. Do not do the other nails yet.

Holo Nail Finishing

Our guide to different nail polishes wouldn’t be complete without this unique polish. One of the new trends in the market is this holographic (Holo) nail polish. The polish is designed to contain glitter that creates rainbow-coloured effects when exposed to sunlight.

nail polish finishes

The holographic effects may vary. The application process will also vary by manufacturer. Some may require you to apply good pressure when applying the layers to spread the layers properly.

Glass Flecked Nails Finishing

If you like the idea of ​​glitter in nail polish, but want something bolder, consider glass nail polish. This is a nail polish containing small glass flakes or glitter.

nail polish finishes

The world has more nail shapes than we have fingers, but we’re here to help you choose the right angles for your nails so you can really enjoy your perfect look. Before we begin, take a good look at your hands. To compliment these tips, you’ll need to find the best nail shape for your hands by figuring out the shape of your cuticles and nail bed.


Simply push on your cuticles with the cuticle stick to see your actual cuticle shape, then get started. Start shaping by filing the sides down and narrowing them down a bit. Depending on the shape you are going for, you will be more or less narrow. For best results, file in one direction to reduce chipping of the nail. Once you get the sides down, start refining the tip to get the final shape.

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