Nail shapes| Best nails design for girls| 2022

Nails shapes knowing all the details about nail shapes will help you choose the perfect nail shape for your hand before entering the salon. Trying out different nail shapes is fun and a very great way to express yourself.  

Square Nails |Nails Shapes

The square shape of the nail is self-evident. Square nails the corners are rounded a little. These nails are ideal for narrow nail beds as wider nail beds make the nail look even wider than before.

Square nails look best on long nails. This shape looks amazing with a bold black colour.

Oval Nails

In addition to the tips, oval nails are also filed on the sides. It’s such a classic shape. This style is suitable for shorter fingers, they look longer and narrow.

The longer you take them, the more likely they are to break and end up not looking so elegant.

Round Nails

Similar to a square nail, round nails have straight sides but are rounded at the edges. This shape is popular among many celebrities because it is more practical than others.

Round nails are for women who are more relaxed and quieter.

Almond Nails

Almond nails are filed on the sides. The nail wall tapers and ends with a rounded tip, similar to the shape of a real almond.

This shape looks good in a nude or pastel colour.

Stiletto Nails

The stiletto nail is also called needle nail. This nail is our newest addition to the nail shape family. Shaping this edgy look begins just like its nuttier counterpart, the almond, but ends at a much sharper point with a wider base.

This shape is for people who are creative and like to show their creativity in everything they do.

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