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Perfect Types of Nail | Nail polish Design 2022-2025 | Beauty tips


Perfect types of nails Nails are something that protects your fingers and your nail bed from rough objects. But people changed the perspective and its role by making it look fantastic. Nail extensions are a new way to make your nails pretty and are now part of the trend.

 Acrylic Nail Extension |Perfect types of Nails

It is the oldest form of nail extension. It is a powder that is turned into a gel by the liquid that is used in it as a chemical to set the paste. The paste dries automatically without the use of UV rays or other things.

perfect types of nail
  • Acrylic extensions are good for women that nails are brittle and weak.
  • Acrylics are good for women who have a habit of biting their nails because they are very hard to chew.
  • Acrylic nails have been around longer than their counterparts, so most nail technicians at salons and spas have a lot of experience applying and removing these nails.
  • You don’t have to worry about unwanted effects as such.
  • Lasts longer than gel nails.


Gel Nail Extension

A thick layer is applied to the nail or extension to create the shape. These nails need to be dried using UV rays or LED lights and require They are much more expensive than acrylic ones.

perfect types of nail
  • Because they are extremely light, they cause the least discomfort
  • Unlike other nail treatments, gel nail extensions have no smell
  • They do not cause any damage to your natural nails; they actually protect your natural nails and help them grow
  • Gel nail extensions look more natural
  • Due to their elasticity, gel nails not only fit well but are also resistant to breaking and Safe for the environment.


 Express Nail Extension

These nails are also known as Gel-X or Apex. These nails are the fastest nail extension process where the gel is applied under the nail and pressed onto the nails. They are then cured under UV rays, as they need to be fixed properly. UV rays make them stronger and it is similar to adhesive nails but more durable. They stay longer than it is glued.

perfect types of nail

Quick and easy

  • Pre-made shapes and lengths
  • Easy to remove with acetone.

 Fibre Glass Nail Extension

Fibreglass nail extensions are also known as silk extensions or silk nail wraps. This approach to nail extensions does not enjoy the same popularity as acrylic and gel nail extensions. Fibreglass is a good material that is stronger than silk. Either the material is trimmed to fit the nail bed or tip and sealed with resin or glue. The adhesive material hardens when the activator is sprayed onto it.

perfect types of nail
  • Ideal for those who are allergic to the chemicals used in acrylic or gel nail extensions
  • It creates a very natural look
  • Easily removable
  • They are odourless.

    nail shapes

    The world has more designs of shapes than we have fingers, but we are here to help you choose the right angles for your nails so you can really enjoy your perfect look. Before we begin, take a good look at your hands. To compliment these tips,



you’ll need to find the best nail shape for your hands by figuring out the shape of your cuticles and nail bed. Simply push the cuticle with the cuticle stick to see your actual cuticle shape, then get started. Start shaping by filing the sides down and narrowing them down a bit. Depending on the shape you are going for, you will be more or less narrow. For best results, file in one direction to reduce chipping of the nail. Once you get the sides down, start refining the tip to get the final shape.

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