Nail glue contains cyanoacrylate, the same chemical found in many types of homemade super glues. Unlike household Nails glue, some nail glue formulations may contain specific ingredients designed to promote nail growth.


1: Nail Tabs |Nail Glue

Each nail kit comes with a nail pack. If you would like to wear your nails for a short period of time, these are just for you. I highly recommend nail tabs for people who want to check and make sure their size fits, as you can easily remove marks while wearing the tabs. I also recommend tabs initially for individuals who do a lot of typing etc to make sure they can work with longer nails.


Nail Glue

  • The tabs will not damage your natural nails or calluses even if you pull on them. Your presses can be reused if needed.
  • The tabs are incredibly easy to remove and require no soaking. Whenever you’re ready to remove your calluses, just pull the nails and they’ll fall out.

Nail Glue

  • The cards last a few hours max. If you’re using for an event where you want to make sure your press-ones are safe, these aren’t for you. Be careful! If you put pressure on your nails while wearing tabs, your pressure sores may loosen.
  • Tabs tend to give prints a raised or bulky appearance. For more natural-looking nails, you’ll want to use a longer-lasting glue.

2: KDS Professional liquid adhesive:

KDS is also included in every nail kit. This is the adhesive I recommend for people who are prepared to wear the patches for more than a few hours.

Nail Glue

· This glue lasts much longer than nail tabs, about 1-2 weeks depending on how well you prep your nails before use.

· It dries very quickly, so the application process is quick.

· It is soluble in water. Once you’re ready to remove the nails, you can soak your fingers in warm water for ten minutes, which should loosen the glue enough to gently remove the calluses. This gentle removal should allow you to wear prints again.

· The bottle of the product is tiny so it easily fits in your purse or wallet in case you need it on the go.

Even though the bottle is small, you should be able to get a few full applications out of it.

Nail Glue

· Dries very quickly! Make sure you are ready to place pressures before applying.

· If you accidentally touch the wet glue to anything other than your natural nails/imprints, it will stick almost immediately, so don’t touch your eyes, mouth, clothing, etc.! It must be kept far, far away from children and pets.

· Occasionally, with normal wear, the press-in nail will come loose and need to be re-inserted.

· Water will loosen the adhesive, so be careful when washing dishes, bathing, swimming, or any activity involving water.


3:  Dashing Diva Fast Bond Glue:


I usually recommend this to individuals who are confident that their presses fit their nails properly and are prepared to wear a set for several weeks. If you haven’t had the chance to wear press-on before, I would recommend one of the above adhesives first – if you choose the wrong nail size and it causes discomfort, the removal process involves acetone and can be frustrating at first – time users.

Nail Glue


  • Fast Bond guarantees a secure and long-lasting set, usually about 1-2 weeks before you need to reapply. It fills gaps between the press-on and your natural nail, allowing for a much better coverage and good results.
  • If your press-ones are slightly translucent, Fast Bond can ensure that you won’t see an uneven glue application through the nails. Make your nails beautiful.


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