Top 6 Nail Shapes Trending in 2022 | Classy Nails

Top 6 Nail Shapes Trending in 2022 | Classy Nails

Top 6 Nail Shapes Trending in 2022 | Classy Nails

Whenever you come to a nail salon, you have been forced to decide: round or square shape? But it’s not an easy step anymore. Nowadays nail shapes have more types than ever, thanks to internet sensations and celebrities creating far-from-tradition fashion styles. It’s not about only showing off art designs or picking up color for nails anymore — now nails shape have taken a new factor in the field of women’s fashion world.

Types of Nail Shapes

In the current generation, we are at the stage where the world has more variety of nails shape than you can think of, so it has now become difficult for us to keep all the available options on track, yet we still have to choose one. That’s the reason we have mentioned 6 of the most famous options that people like the most in 2022 so you can easily make a thoughtful decision when you go to a nail salon in the future. However, it could be interesting to look around at some other options as well.

1. Coffin Shape

Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails are also known as “Ballerina Nails”. They have tapped sides with tight curves and straight edges. They extend your fingers providing a larger area for nails designed over them. They have been liked by most known celebrities. At the tip of the nails, they are square in structure but still are slim and curve-like ballerinas’ nails.

Unlike stiletto nails that are long with pointy tips, they are flattered out from the tip that looks like a coffin. We can understand this description might not sound pleasant, but it’s the best one we can explain so far.

2. Almond Shape

Almond Nails

Looking for an elegant and charismatic shape? Almond shape is the best choice here for you. The Almond shape has a wall that is narrow with a round peak, just like the actual shape of an almond. They are filed along the sides similar to the ovals one. Unfortunately, the structure of this shape is too weak to be held by our natural nails but fear not as it can easily be reinforced with gel or acyclic.

3. Oval Shape

Oval Nails

Yes, you read it right, oval shapes are different from round ones. The reason is that the oval ones are filed on the sides in addition to the tips making their structure more comfortable to be held by our natural nails. It can easily be noted that your fingers tend to look a little longer than usual due to their extreme curvature.

In our point of view, oval shapes make an illusion making your art elegant as well as giving it an extra length. It is recommended if you want glamorous shapes with attractive colors and a little bit of nail art.

4. Stiletto Shape

Stiletto Nails

This might be one of the most creative and interesting shapes that you could find. The stiletto type describes a complete drama. The shaping is mostly similar to an almond shape, but with more length and a much sharper tip with a wider base. This shape requires a lot of care and maintenance compared to other ones. If we have to describe this shape in a nutshell, we would say that it is a complete showcase of texture, design, and color.

5. Square Shape

Square Nails

We think this shape is quite self-explanatory. Square shapes are flat on the top having straight sharp corners. They are mostly liked by people with short or narrow beds because they neither become thinner nor flare out.

Square shape requires low maintenance looking typically clean and stylish. The use of bold and block colors in this square shape looks attractive and elegant to most people even in 2022.

6. Squoval Shape

Squoval Nails

It’s actually “Square Oval” but we prefer to say “Squoval”. These might be the best on our list that is loved by people in 2022 lying in both the casual and fashionable categories.  If you hate sharp corner shapes but love the flat edges of a square, then this shape is the perfect match for you. Our research says that squoval nails might universally be a loved shape that suits everyone of any class. They are especially used by people having longer and wider beds that are helpful to balance out everything in one go.

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