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Nails are generally pink in colour. White nail describes the looks of fingernails2 and toenails that are partially or completely white in colour. This appearance is also called leukonychia.

white nails

white nails mean:

Do they look pale or white? This means you have a low quantity of red blood cell count which is used to defense against infection which can harm the human inner system

The trend of white nails is based on the already existing stereotype about girls who paint their nails white. Basically, the point is that girls with white nails tend to be more promiscuous than others.

deficiency causes white nails: The deficiencies most often associated with this problem are zinc and calcium deficiencies

 Causes of the white nails:


 The nail plate can be partially or completely damaged by injury to the nail plate or matrix (the growth area at the base of the nail). Disruption of the horizontal keratin layers with air entrapment results in reflection and lack of transparency.

white nails


Types of injuries that cause punctate leukonychia include nail biting, manicures, knocks and blows, and tight shoes. The white spots grow as the nail grows (about 6 to 9 months for the nail). After the damage to the nail matrix, striatal leukonychia may follow, and ridges and ridges may also appear. Generalized leukonychia can result from a more serious injury, often with the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed and a change in the contour of the nail.

  • Puncate leukoderma due to trauma Spotted
  •  leukonychia Spotted
  •  leukonychia Spotted
  •  leukonychia Hereditary disorders
  • Longitudinal leukonychia is sometimes associated with Darier’s disease, which can also cause erythronychia (red streaking).
  • Total leukonychia also sometimes runs in families.
  • Striped leukonychia can be caused by inherited conditions affecting keratinization.
white nails

systemic disease

Terry’s nails are associated with:

Cirrhosis of the liver

Chronic kidney disease

Heart failure

Protein malabsorption, e.g. in colitis· Protein-losing enteropathy· Diabetes· Iron deficiency anemia· Zinc deficiency· Hyperthyroidism Terry nails 

InfectionSuperficial white onychomycosis is an irregular type of partial leukonychia due to a chronic fungal infection caused by the dermatophyte Trichophyton interdigitale.

Superficial white onychomycosis

 Superficial white onychomycosis

  • Skin diseaseLeukonychia can be caused by an inflammatory skin disease affecting the nail matrix, most commonly nail psoriasis or hand eczema.
white nails

White nail: psoriasisPsoriatic nail dystrophy Differential diagnosis Leukonychia must be distinguished from onycholysis, in which the nail plate appears white or yellowish because it has been lifted from the nail bed.

white nails

Investigation If the cause of leukonychia is unclear, the following tests may be helpful.

  • Nail clippings for mycology·
  • Nail biopsy
  • Blood tests to gauge systemic disease, especially low ricin levels

 Treatment for white nails:

Treatment turn on the cause of leukonychia.

 Result for the white nail: Leukonychia due to minor trauma or medication may disappear completely within a few months. In other cases, the white nail plate remains long-term or may recur.

white nails

Partial leukonychia can appear in different ways. They can look like this:pen-sized tiny dots (punctuate leukonychia), which is the most common form larger “lines” across the nail (longitudinal leukonychia)larger single dots or horizontal stripes that run parallel to the base of the nail (striated or transverse leukonychia)The cause of white spots on the nail can determine how the spots appear. cut on the nail can cause the appearance of a white dot in the middle of the nail. An allergic reaction can cause several dots all over the nail.

Some medications can cause white spots on the nails. These include chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer and sulfonamides used to treat bacterial infections.

In addition, heavy metal poisoning with arsenic and lead can cause the formation of wrinkles on the nail plates. If you have other symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, see your doctor immediately. A blood test can reveal abnormal levels of these elements.

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